Common Causes of Blocked Drains

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What a week it was! We have 2 large commercial projects a lot of emergency plumbing service calls from unhappy home owners with stopped up drains, and wouldn’t you know it my wife told me that the sink on her side of the bathroom is not draining properly. The question was asked, why it stops up. This got me to thinking, I should write a blog about what the common causes are for a stopped up drain is. So here you go.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Drain Blocked By Foreign Objects

Stoppage or blocked drainage can occur when foreign objects or materials such as soaps, fats or food build up causing the drainpipe and the pipes that flow underneath your sink to clog. At first the material may not block the drain, but over time these objects will continue to collect which will prevent water from flowing freely and could eventually cause the drain to block. Toilets regularly back up due to too much toilet paper, or sanitary items. Children are often the culprits for blocked toilets. They have been known to flush a full roll of toilet paper, a toy and even the toilet brush.

Shower and Sink Drains Stopped Up By Hair

A build up of hair can cause a large problem for homeowners. Over time this can worsen if the blockage is not quickly cleared, preventing water from passing through it.

Kitchen Sink Clogged By Grease And Fat

The most common causes stopped up drains of all are in the kitchen, yet it is also one of the easiest to prevent. Any grease or fat substances which are washed down the sinks will stick to the inside of the pipes, eventually building up so much that no more water can pass through.

When all else fails call us

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